• iPod Nano (6g or 7g) Watch / Wristband - Ultimate One - Style & Usability Combined

The Design

“It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

From the minute Steve Jobs announced the new iPod nano, we began working on how we could provide a premium styled and functional accessory for the nano. Needless to say we designed, prototyped, and tested our butts off. Thus the Ultimate One was born. The Ultimate One is the first nano watch / wristband to combine style and usability. People agree, the Ultimate One enables the incredible usability features of the iPod nano to shine, and yeah it makes an awesome watch, but it is much more.

“Orientation… Why it’s important to keep your Nano, Bluetooth connector, Nike+ away from your skin — Search Google for: “sweat nano” — You will see comments on forums like runners world, Nike and others.” – Craig, Michigan

  • Every design element has a purpose.
  • Thin profile (body & strap).
  • Great comfort (vented & breathable where possible).
  • Amazing Soft Feel.
  • Nano & clip NEVER touch your skin.
  • Function (full control and connector access).
  • Easy access to all controls (wake/sleep & volume).
  • Full and easy access to the connections (30pin & headphone jack).
  • Provides the ability to use adapters like the Nike + iPod or most mini-bluetooth (for things like: wireless headsets, and more) while keeping them away from your skin/sweat.
  • Orient the nano so it does not interfere with your wrist movement.
  • Style & Comfort
  • Fun & Function

Technical Specs:

  • Premium, specially formulated silicone strap
  • Stainless steel buckle
  • Supports Wrist Sizes: 5.75in (14.6cm) – 8.5in (21.6cm)
  • Seven great colors (Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red)
  • Supports iPod nano 6g and iPod nano 7g


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