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Thanks everyone for the kind words and great feedback. We truly appreciate people recognizing why our product is superior to others on the market. It is both humbling and extremely exciting!

Thank you,
Quad Mountain LLC

Ultimate One appears in crime thriller "All Things to All Men".  Staring Gabriel Byrne, Toby Stephens, Rufus Sewell...
All Things to All Men
April 2013

Great item! Love it!
Charmiane G.
Tennessee (USA)

It is simply perfect and as expected!  Fits great with nano and on wrist, well held, and best of all has a great sport look!  Buttons and nano ports are very practical from the angle the watchband holds the nano.  Definitely recommended!
Chris P.
Florida (USA)

Ultimate One receives: 4.5/5 stars for design and 5/5 stars for comfort from GizmoFusion

Rating: 9 out of 10 Pros: Many color options Cons: None Overall: This is the perfect watch solution for your iPod Nano if you want to wear it while working out and staying active.

It’s a great product and your customer service has been fantastic.
Damian M.
New Zealand

...when it is dressed it's definitely more ergonomic because the rubber is more flexible. Really a good job.
Stefano D.
Rome, Italy

"...Ultimate One silicone strap has an extra smooth, soft feel and holes for ventilation to keep your wrist from getting too sweaty. The design also keeps the Nano away from your skin."

A triathlete's review of the Ultimate One iPod Nano Watch by IRONVAN.COM. I've been wearing the band for two days now, love it! Sleek, light, and cool; perfect for the runner.

I bought a black Ultimate One as soon as it was released and it has been fantastic. I had another brand Nano band but it doesn't compare with yours, the silicon band is very hard compared to the Ultimate and the band is not as easy to get on and off or adjust. The Ultimate is really great, thanks.
Pam S.

Got mine, it's great!!! Thanks! Thinner than others, holds the nano snugly, looks and feels great.
Gary G.
Texas (USA)

His iPod nano watch is focused on full connector, full control access, thin profile, and comfort (soft material is vented). The 6th generation iPod nano in the Ultimate One watch kit is also sheltered from skin contact.
Obama Pacman

The Quad Mountain Ultimate One nano watchband distinguishes itself by being the only one on the market where no part of the nano touches your skin.
The Gadgeteer

Just got my TUO [Ultimate One] gotta say it totally impressed me, great design and fits really well on my arm. Waited... needless to say , its [expletive] worth it.
YoonJun L.

Thank you so much for the work you put into designing TUO (The Ultimate One). It absolutely rocks. I bought a [Tikxxx] and [Lunaxxx] from "the other guys"... Their band is too short, too firm, and the buckle digs into my wrist. TUO (The Ultimate One) however, is perfect. It's flexible.
John A.
Florida (USA)

Terrific job! The thin styling is impressive and the function (fit, usability - controls and connector) is something most vendors miss. People are going to love it.
Frank B. (Prototype Tester)
Florida (USA)

The Ultimate One nano watch kit is worth paying attention to

I’ve got to say it’s probably the most comfortable of the few that I’ve seen.
Crunch Gear

leaves the 30 pin connection open for attachments... This is a big advantage
Jesse A. (iPod Nano 6G Blog)

After taking even a closer look at what you have created and then the competition... This is a winner!
Michigan (USA)

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